About Us - Gyaan Center

The Rajkumari Ratnavati School will be offered to girls below the poverty line residing in the Thar Desert region of Jaisalmer District, Rajasthan. Running a state-based curriculum, the facilities will include classrooms, a library, a computer center, and a bus facility to transport girls from neighboring villages. The school will provide education for an estimated 400+ girls from kindergarten through class 10, who will learn to read and write and develop traditional skills unique to the region. The school will also provide a midday-meal program to ensure proper nutrition for the students as well as lessen families’ financial burden.

Citta’s second goal is to enhance gender parity in the region through the Women’s Cooperative. While girls are receiving an education at the Girls School, local artisans will teach mothers and other women weaving and embroidery techniques from the Jaisalmer region that are on the verge of being forgotten and lost. These lessons will preserve and enhance traditional techniques while establishing economic independence for the women, their families, and their communities. Additionally, these traditional techniques paired with contemporary designers will produce international quality items for the global marketplace, thereby diversifying and enhancing the local economy. Already, CITTA has established relationships with high-end markets to create products with the Women’s Cooperative that will bring revenue back to the community. The education, independence, and empowerment women gain at the GYAN center will, in turn, incentivize families to educate their daughters, bringing the benefit of the center full circle.

The Central Hall will weave together the Girls School and the Women’s Cooperative, enhancing both programs forming the completed GYAAN Center. It will include a library, a regional textile museum, art exhibition and performance area, and an AV lecture hall.

The GYAAN Center  will invite renowned female artists, designers education advocates to create artwork, host events and present installations. Exhibitions will embody the importance of women’s empowerment, while drawing people to the center. The exhibition space will celebrate the rich history of embroidery, weaving and craftsmanship in the region.

The space will also periodically act as a marketplace to share the women’s creations with tourists venturing to the nearby dunes to experience the sunset. 

Follow along as the project launches in 2021!

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